The Best Money Advice I’ve Ever Received

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best money adviceSincerely speaking, what’s the best money advice you’ve ever received? I’m sure you’ve gotten plenty. Everyone has something to say about money these days. Some opinions are insightful, and many others downright ignorant. However, it’s clear that money remains a major topic of discourse, both now and in years to come.

Now I’m a product of other people’s sound money advice. I continually subject myself to learning from the richest and most successful people. I usually immerse myself in their materials – books, CDs, Youtube videos, etc. And I always endorse financial literacy and mastery in anyway I can. It’s so key to wealth building.

And these efforts have paid off. I’m glad I took the pains and the sacrifice to invest in my financial education. Acting on the right money advice is sure to grant you access to financial success. This is what worked for me. And it will work for you.

There’s so much information out there! It’s almost overwhelming. The good news is that you should follow those that have a track record of creating wealth. Tangible results above all. You really can’t go wrong if you’re working with the right people. It’s just a matter of time for the results to begin to manifest themselves.

Here’s the best money advice I’ve ever received, and it’s not some complex ritual or formula. It’s more quaint, than money centric. Most noteworthy is the fact that it’s simply this – Enjoy and endure on the journey to wealth and financial success!

You see building wealth is the result of making effort. And these efforts aren’t going to yield overnight. There will surely be ups and downs, trials and disappointments, challenges and delays. Even distractions lurk around trying to derail you.

It’s so easy to give up. The pressure will take it’s toll. And that’s why it’s imperative that you enjoy the journey. You’re more likely to transit from lack to plenty if the challenges and trials don’t halt your progress. One must see these challenges as life’s lessons that will end in your success, rather than failure.

All too often many people start out wanting to be financially successful. This is because financial success is a goal that resonates with everyone. However, nothing good comes easy. The minute your intentions are clear several things rise up to contend with your aspirations. And most people can’t take the heat, so they give up.

This is perhaps  why there is a prevalence of financial failures in the world today. You see, those who enjoy the process are more likely to endure the process until they get what they want. This is, in my opinion my most profound insight on the road to wealth.

Now let’s go further to establish several aspects of your wealth journey that you should enjoy and endure in order to achieve your financial goals:

Being “broke”

I know how painful it can be not having enough money. You are hindered and limited from meeting your obligations. Ditto for those things you want to achieve.

Being broke sometimes is a crucial part of your wealth journey. Don’t let it stifle you. Focus instead on continuing to do the things that will being wealth and eventually they will!


No one likes rejection. Deep down we all desire acceptance. It does tend to hit people really hard and personal when they end up getting rejected. Rejection is the act of refusing to accept, use or believe someone or something.

That’s why it’s good money advice to enjoy the journey, rejection or otherwise. Don’t take rejection personally. And it will come from all places. Embrace and learn to deal with it.


Your ideas, products and services are not immune from criticism. And some of it will have merits, but some won’t. You must always have the mindset that criticism is good and helpful. In contrast, failure to do this might cause you to throw in the towel.

Criticism is inevitable. But it’s your ideas, products and services that will produce wealth for you. So welcome criticism. Don’t argue even when you feel it’s misplaced. There could be some nuggets of wisdom in it for you.


Failure is not final. There will be days when you will experience failure on the road to wealth. And that’s for certain. But, because you have resolved to enjoy the process you will see failure for what it is. Failure is a learning curve on what isn’t working so you can take a different approach next time.

There is no wealthy person who hasn’t failed at one time or the other. Don’t let it define you.


Closely related to failure is the fact that losses will occur frequently. Deals can go awry. Plans and projections can be off the mark. A series of efforts that you believe will lead to wealth might take you in the opposite direction.

Sometimes sustained losses might cause you to change your line of business. That’s why it’s key to do thorough homework before starting a business and trying to build wealth. Even with the best laid plans the environment could also take its toll.


Many people will fail to keep their word and promises to you. You’d better brace up to experience disappointment  on the journey to financial success.

It helps to always keep in mind that no one is infallible. By all means take what they say in good faith, but refrain from holding it against them when they don’t keep to it. That way your feelings aren’t hurt when disappointments occur.

Lack of belief

Be prepared for few believers regarding what you want to achieve when building wealth. It will take time to win people over who accept your product/service or idea. Especially when it involves them having to exchange their hard earned money for it.

This is the time to solve people’s problems, exceed their expectations and create value. People will eventually come around. Value will always attract patronage.

Enjoying and enduring the journey to wealth and financial success is sound money advice due to the following benefits:

  1. It conditions your mind on how to approach the challenges listed above. The road to financial success is fraught with challenges;
  2. You’re positioned to being proactive rather than reactive on your wealth journey;
  3. It builds resilience and determination. These qualities will help you in navigating the tough terrain;
  4. You’ll more easily get up when setbacks happen along the way;
  5.  All wealth is a product of the mind. Having the best money making ideas without conditioning your mind could still lead to frustration and failure. The mind is the glue that holds everything together.


Finally, I’d like to also emphasize that it’s not all about doom and gloom. There will be good days when things are working out fine. However, it’s how you react when things don’t go according to plan that determines your success or failure.

Many reading this might have been expecting some money formula as the best money advice I’ve ever received. The truth is, there are loads of formulas and strategies. Yet more and more people continue to fail on the road to wealth.

And that’s why this simple advice is so profound and important. It can actually be said to constitute the “basics”. It’s focused on the need to have the right attitude essential for building wealth. Formulas, business ideas and even connections will not make you rich if you don’t have the right attitude.

So take charge of your financial future by resolving to enjoy and endure the journey. Wealth building is a marathon, not a sprint. Your attitude will help enhance your efforts once you resolve to work on your mind. Over to you!

Note: This article originally appeared at MoneyTalkNG.


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