You’re Being Robbed!

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I like nothing more than watching a bad guy get thrown in jail.  It provides a sense of justice and fair play.  I smile when they lock up drug dealers, deport illegal immigrants, and send murderers to the “chair”.

I’m a big believer in personal responsibility.

Unfortunately there’s a group of people stealing from the American public… and they’ll never be arrested, put on trial, or serve a single day in prison.  It’s a sad fact, but they’re getting away with theft on a monumental scale.

And you’re probably a victim.

If you are working a regular job… where you collect a paycheck… you’re getting bamboozled.  People are taking money right out of your pocket. They say you’ll get it back when you retire.  But these grifters know full well many of us will never see a dime.

What am I talking about?

Social Security of course.  Now before you roll your eyes and say not this again, hear me out.  The next time you get paid, pull out your paycheck stub.  Look under the deductions section and prepare to be shocked.

A huge percentage of your pay is taken from you.  The money supposedly goes to the Social Security Administration (“SSA”).  In reality, the money is deposited into the federal government’s bank account and they spend it.

The government gives the SSA a big IOU and a smile.  They promise to repay the money.  But how much is a politician’s promise worth?

As if the government “borrowing” (I use that term loosely) from the SSA isn’t criminal enough, the SSA itself is a government cover to steal your money.

Think about it this way.

Everyone knows Bernie Madoff.  He’s the famous con-man now spending 120 years behind bars.  He was caught taking money from a group of investors.  He promised a nice return.  Madoff took their money, turned around and paid off some old investors.  Then, he spent the rest.

What scum… right?

Now think about the SSA for a moment.  They take money from working Americans, promising to repay it years in the future.  The SSA then turns around and hands this same money to retired Americans.  And what’s left over, the government spends.

How is the SSA any different from Bernie Madoff?

Here’s the worst part, the SSA is doing this all in plain sight of the federal government and law enforcement.  They’re taking money from hard working Americans (like us) knowing full and well they’ll never pay it back.

Just take a quick spin by the SSA website and search for the “Trustees Report”.

This report will give you some shocking news… This year (2010) the SSA sent out more money than they brought in.  The deficit is $41 billion dollars!  That doesn’t sound good.

The Disability Insurance Trust fund is going to run out of money in 2018… less than eight years from now.  And the SSA, well, by 2024 – only 14 years from now – they’ll be forced to start selling off assets to pay off the baby boomer generation.

If you’re forced to sell off your assets to make good on your debts… isn’t that called BANKRUPTCY?

Now let me say one thing… I’m not suggesting we cut benefits for retired folks.  Nope… the government made promises and they need to follow through.  What the government needs to do is shut down the Ponzi scheme called Social Security.

They need to make every individual responsible for their own retirement. And most of all, they need to stop taking money they know they can’t repay.

Listen folks… This is ugly.

The SSA and the federal government are stealing from you every paycheck.  They’re taking money that they’ll freely admit they can’t pay back.  And the people authorizing this ring of thievery… the US Congress.

You can’t trust a politician (Republican or Democrat).  Instead of fixing problems, they’re focused on getting re-elected.  Remember this little article when you vote in the next election.  And don’t put off saving for your own retirement… everyone knows you won’t be able to rely on Social Security.

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