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It may come as a surprise to hear that times like this are when prudent investors make an absolute fortune in the stock market.

While amateur investors and tenderfoot gamblers are selling in a panic, those who’ve been around the block start looking for buying opportunities.

Do you really think guys like Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and Carlos Slim are unloading all of their positions?

Of course not!

Successful investors like that know that this is the time to be buying—not selling.

So once you understand that, the question becomes, “What should I buy?”

Well if history is any guide, then now is the time to load up on PENNY STOCKS!

How can I be so sure?

Just take a look back at the last big market drop we had in 2008-2009.

The DOW went from 12,000 to 6,000.  Oil dropped from over $120 a barrel to about $40.  And gold started its march from about $700 an ounce.

Real estate imploded, banking institutions were failing and as usual, the Government had no idea what to do!

To anyone who remembers, it seemed like the world was coming to an end…

Then, contrary to what everyone THOUGHT was going to happen (thanks to a little help from the Fed), the market began to rise.

In fact, it rose so fast and so much, the DOW was all the way back to 11,000 within just 12 months!

And guess which stocks led the way?

You guessed it… penny stocks.

Now, to show you why this is important, take a look at the recovery of two stocks you’re probably familiar with…

One is IBM, a large-cap technology stock…

The other is Pier 1 Imports, a small-cap specialty retailer…

As you can see, their charts look nearly identical.

They both fell sharply and bottomed out near the beginning of 2009.

And one year later they both recovered to where they were before they fell.

The difference is the percentage gain each one had from its bottom.

IBM went from $72 a share back up to $127 about a year later.  That’s an outstanding 76% gain.

But look at what penny stock Pier 1 did.  It skyrocketed from 11 cents a share all the way back up to $9 a share.

That’s an 8,081% gain—in about a year’s time!

So we’re looking at 76% versus 8,081%.

That, dear reader is the difference between a comfortable retirement on the beach—and living in the poorhouse!

All from knowing that penny stocks tend to rally quicker and stronger than just about any other asset class after a big market drop.

And keep in mind, this same scenario played out in hundreds of other stocks.  I didn’t just cherry pick these two.

The fact is, when the market rallied in 2009, nearly everything went up.

But penny stocks as a whole went up much, much more.

Now I will concede that it’s very difficult to predict when this market will bottom.  This could be it, or it may fall further.

But one thing that’s not difficult to predict is which stocks are going to rally the most when the inevitable bottom hits.

Its penny stocks… plain and simple.

So I know you’re wondering now… which penny stocks should I buy?

To help with that, I’ve got a great resource for you.

Our friend and former floor trader, Gordon Lewis, just launched a newsletter designed to help you find the “next big thing” in penny stocks.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve heard anything about Gordon Lewis yet, but he’s something of a legend in the penny stock arena.

Most of you know that we don’t endorse a lot of these “penny stock gurus” on the internet.

But this guy is one who definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to penny stocks!

So if you’d like to see what he’s recommending right now, click here to read the free report he just wrote on how to find the “next’ Apple, or Google, or Coca-Cola.

You can get some very compelling penny stock picks from this guy…

And when this market does turn around, these are the stocks that are going to generate fortunes for those smart (and courageous) enough to invest in them!

So click here to read his latest report, you won’t be disappointed!

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