Tucson Shooting – Congresswoman Giffords’ Fighting For Her Life

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Tragedy shows some are heroes and some are cowards… and this weekend proves it.

We are in the midst of a horrendous tragedy here in Arizona.  Some crazy nut job decided to murder 6 people… including a respected judge and a 9 year old girl.  He managed to injure a bunch more too.  This tragic shooting occurred in Tucson, Arizona and it’s been the lead story nationwide.

A shooting of any type is a horrible tragedy… but what makes this event even more sickening is the target… Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  She’s now fighting for her life.

Unless you’ve been hiking in the wilderness for the last two days, you’ve probably been listening to the updates on this story.

Saturday morning, Congresswoman Giffords was attending a “meet and greet” in front of a Safeway grocery store.  Nothing unusual about this event.  She was out to shake the hands of the people she represents.  It’s better than sitting up in an ivory tower.

Unfortunately it almost cost her life.

Reports are hazy, but a man with obvious psychological problems pulled a semi-automatic Glock pistol and started firing.

There were many heroes in the crowd that day.  According to recent news reports, one woman managed to grab away a magazine of bullets from the shooter… as he was trying to reload.

Two men tackled the shooter, ending the devastation.

One of Giffords’ aids ran into the gunfire to deliver first aid to the wounded.  He’s being recognized as a hero.  And doctors are saying his quick action is responsible for saving the congresswoman’s life.

None of this takes away from the first responders, paramedics, police, nurses, and doctors who are cleaning up the mess created by the shooting.  They are all heroes in my mind.

It was only after the shooting the cowards started to speak up.

Like the Sheriff of Pima County who essentially blamed the shooting on news media, political rhetoric, and “paranoia of how the government operates”.

Other cowards coming from the woodwork are politicians in Washington blaming a toxic atmosphere for the shooting.

Yet others are blaming the State of Arizona and its citizens saying we’re still living in the Wild West.  And still other cowards are blaming guns for the shooting.  (It’s like blaming a pipe wrench for the leaky valve in your house.)

All I’ve got to say is don’t blame me.

One of the key roles of the news media is to question our government officials… as is the responsibility of every citizen in the United States. That’s the foundation of the American way.  Any two people can disagree and fight tooth and nail over a political ideal… yet when threatened, they’ll stand side by side to defend the right to speak out.

Maybe the Sheriff of Pima County needs to review his civic lessons.

We have a God given right to question our government.  And our founding fathers placed such a high priority on this right they sought to protect it by enshrining it in the 1st Amendment to our Constitution.

Conflict (peaceful conflict) in government is a part of our history.  And it goes a long way to ensuring the minority isn’t stomped out by the majority.

And for those of you who blame the Wild-West nature of Arizona… just take a look at the FBI numbers.  Violent crime in Arizona is below the national average.

My last comment is to those coward gun control advocates who will no doubt start speaking up… remember, the right to “keep and bear arms” is woven into the very fabric of our Constitution.  If you want to end gun violence… why not work to take guns from the CRIMINALS, not the honest hardworking citizens of this country.

This shooting is horrible.

And the nut-job who pulled the trigger was clearly mentally unbalanced. Honestly, I hope they throw the book at this guy.  It’s one reason I’m proud to live in a state that still uses the death penalty… in this case, it can’t come quick enough.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, the wounded, and their families.  I wish for a speedy recovery for all those involved… especially Congresswoman Giffords.

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