Top Five Reasons To Be An Options Trader

| July 13, 2021


You can trade the market up and trade the market down.  Most traders who buy stock don’t know how to trade the market to the downside.  With Options, it is easy.  You just buy a put option, and with the power of leverage, you can get into large positions with little capital.   


Options are highly leveraged instruments, and as such, you can trade big size with little capital.  For retail traders who are starting out, a few thousand dollars to control hundreds of shares of Facebook is pretty amazing.  It allows small traders to act big and trade with the leverage. 


If the market goes down and against your position in stock all you can really do is take the loss or buy more stock.  But why would anyone want to increase their position size on a bad trade?  With options, you can change your position to be favorable even if the underlying stock continues to go down.  You can adjust and move with the markets. 


With stock, you purely enter in a directional position and you are at the mercy of the markets.  If the market goes up, you make money.  If it goes down, you lose money.  If the market goes sideways, you make nothing.  You have no ability to adjust and with stop losses you can lose when markets close.  With defined risk positions, you lock in your max loss on any given trade and you are protected 24/7, unlike stock.  When markets close, you have competing positions that lock you in.   


Freedom!!  Freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  Freedom to be your own captain of your own ship.  You control your own destiny.  No dependency on other people or organizations.  Trading you can take anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.  You can trade on a remote tropical island, or you can trade in a coffee shop.  Kind of like green eggs and ham you can trade anywhere, anytime in any place.   

By trading only stock, you can miss out on some of these benefits. But trading options can be simple and you do get these benefits.  

Every day on Options Trading Signals, we do defined risk trades that protect us from black swan events 24/7.  Many may think that is what stop losses are for.  Well, remember the markets are only open about 1/3 of the hours in a day.  Therefore, a stop loss only protects you for 1/3 of each day.  Stocks can gap up or down.  With options, you are always protected because we do defined risk in a spread.  We cover with multiple legs which are always on once you own.   

My team and I have been building and developing fully systematic algorithmic trading strategies for many years and can tell you that unless you have a solid foundation related to knowing when and where opportunities exist in market trends, you are likely churning your money in and out of failed trades. I will be presenting my two favorite strategies at the July Wealth365 Summit on July 13th at 4 pm and July 16th at 12 pm. The Summit is free to attend and offers unparalleled opportunities for learning…plus a potential prize or two!

Chris Vermeulen
Founder & Chief Market Strategist

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Chris taught himself to trade while completing his business diploma specializing in operations management. Chris’ first trading profits were enough to pay for his final year of college and allowed him to trade full time and become debt-free quickly. He had made millions from trading and the financial sector by the time he was 27 years old—his trading profits continue to build. He applies his unique background as a pilot systemizing processes and using technical analysis to give him unique insights to spot profitable trades while managing portfolio risk through proper position sizing. Chris has helped well over 40,000 people how to find profitable trades. He specializes in both momentum and swing trades trading strategies. He is renowned as an incredible trader with a deep insight and pulse on the markets. But equally important to his trading is his skill and passion for teaching others how to trade.

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