Sometimes The Gods Smile On You…

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I want to tell you something very personal… an admission of sorts.  Last week was a big week for Hyperion Financial Group.  We just launched our most recent product, Biotech Supertrader, and the response was amazing.

We took a risk.  Putting out a product focused on cutting edge technology is a risk.  Biotechnology can be a very confusing industry for professional investors… even those who study it all day.

I remember when Robert (our top analyst) proposed the idea.

Since that time, we’ve worked hard putting the entire package together. Robert and his team worked a lot of late nights and weekends.  I know a few winter holidays were even burned through.

It was a group effort.  And the launch was nothing short of amazing.

Now we didn’t know how many people would be interested in a service like this… we had no idea what the response would be like.  To be honest, when we opened the service I was shocked…

So many people tried to subscribe, our state of the art servers literally collapsed from the demand.  We had a frantic hour rushing to determine the problem… then more craziness as we worked to get it fixed.

Our IT team moved mountains to solve the problem… And within the hour, we were back up and running…

While some people noticed the website issues, I had a bird’s eye view of the customer service center.  As you can imagine, it was a madhouse.

Our service reps kept their cool as call volume spiked.  And for a while, they were processing transactions by hand!  Everyone who wanted to subscribe was able to secure a spot.

I couldn’t believe the activity.

When I finally had a moment to breath, I took a look at the markets and I smiled.  Two big things occurred that day helping to push the biotech industry even higher.

First, a biotech stock we’ve been watching skyrocketed in value… making a lot of people rich.  And then one of the largest and most influential investors ever made an earth shattering statement.  These two events confirmed everything we’ve been saying about the biotech industry.

Here’s the stock.

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals (CYCC) is in the truest sense of the word a biotech stock.  The company is small and just a few days ago you could have bought all the stock you wanted for about $1.00 a share.

Then the company published an article discussing their Seliciclib drug candidate.

The drug was found to kill lung cancer cells.  And the stock skyrocketed.

In fact, it jumped more than 233% in just two days.

Like I said, the gods smiled on us…

In one day, this company confirmed everything we’ve been saying about the biotechnology industry.  In 2010, we believe the biotech industry is going to be the most explosive industry to invest in.  By picking the right stocks, you have the opportunity to make really big money… and CYCC proves it!

Then the gods smiled on us again.

Right as the market closed, CNBC started discussing commentary from Carl Icahn.

Now I don’t have a lot of space to talk about Icahn as a famous money manager.  Let me say this… he is one of the greats, and very influential. He’s made billions, so when he talks about the market, everyone listens.

That’s why his statement on CNBC was so important.

They quoted him as saying: “I do believe that the future of Big Pharma is going to be buying biotech companies.”

Now it’s not the most poetic statement ever made, but it gets the point across.

Mergers and Acquisitions in the biotech industry are going to be huge (another thing we’ve been saying all along).  And the big boys of the biotechnology industry are starting to snap up the smaller players.  This will of course drive certain stocks higher… and give biotech shareholders the chance to rake in some really big profits.

Biotechnology is going to be the sector of 2010.  And we know of no better way to play it than getting involved in the stocks found in Biotech Supertrader.

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