Should You SELL Penny Stocks In May 2015?

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Why “Sell In May And Go Away” Is Wrong!

I’ve started hearing the statement over and over…

As a matter of fact, watching CNBC yesterday, I heard it twice… (And I only had it on for 4 minutes!)

This is really getting out of hand. Everyone is taking simple stock market rules of thumb and turning them into gospel.

Today’s perversion is the famous saying, “Sell in May and Go Away.”

For the next two weeks, I want you to keep your ear out. Let me know how many times you hear this statement.

How many times do you hear it from bloggers, writers, talking heads on TV, or from your friends. If you hear it from your broker – fire him.


The Sell in May storyline is a well worn one. And many times it does make sense. As a matter of fact, I believe a number of academic studies have measured the returns of the market and proven you should sell in May and buy in October.

There’s logic behind it too.

If you look at the vacation habits of people on Wall Street, the summer is always a slow time of the season. As a matter of fact, as a banker, we advised clients NOT to do deals in August.

The end of summer was trouble as all the heavy hitters took their month long vacations to the Hamptons… or Europe!

So the idea of a summer slowdown is real… However, there’s a problem if you start dumping stocks.

Why Selling Penny Stocks in May of 2015 is Wrong 

Several studies on the Sell In May theory have been released.

In the latest issue of Money magazine, they note that since 1926, stocks have returned half from May to October. Now the studies I read had a flaw… they looked at the markets as a whole. They didn’t focus on specific stocks.

If you own stocks that are outperforming the markets, the worst thing you can do is blindly sell everything.

The other problem is… everyone knows about this rule of thumb… so traders and hedge fund managers use it to their advantage.

Don’t get taken advantage of.

So, does that mean I expect the market to rally this summer?

I don’t have a clue… my crystal ball still isn’t working… and never really has.

What the market does this week, this month, or this summer is up to the market.

I’m looking for great penny stocks to buy. That’s it. I want the best company out there.

And I’m not going to just start blindly selling great penny stocks because the calendar turned.

But… there is one thing I’m going to do.

How to Profit from “Sell in May and Go Away”

There is a way we can use the “Sell in May” strategy to our advantage.

You see, less experienced traders will listen to the talking heads… they will focus on what other bloggers are spouting off. They will actually start dumping great stocks just because the date on the calendar changed.

And that’s our opportunity…

Get your lists ready.

What stocks would you love to own at a lower price?

This is the time of year to go shopping. Keep your eye out. While I don’t expect the markets to fall apart, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a summer swoon at some point.

It’s a great opportunity to stock up on the unknown penny stocks that everyone else is dumping.

There’s a possibility there will be a discount sale this summer… and I’ll tell you, I’ll be a buyer! Just like Warren Buffett who loves to buy stocks on sale!

Tell me, if stocks go on sale, which ones are you buying?

Leave your comments on the website below this article. Let me know your two or three favorite stocks and at what price are you a buyer?

Good trading…

Brian Kent
Penny Stock Research

Note: Brian Kent has been trading the markets for more than two decades and now writes and edits for You can sign up for the penny stock research newsletter a trusted source for the truth about penny stocks! Sign up today and get a free research report –


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