Should You Follow Rogers, Faber, And Schiff Into Commodities?

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After a dismal first half of the year, investors have been getting wary of commodities.  After all, at one point gold was down 28% on the year, silver was down 40%, and a slew of other hard assets performed as if they simply weren’t needed anymore.

My how times have changed…

In just a few short weeks, investor sentiment towards specific commodities has improved dramatically.  Gold is up 14% from the lows set a few months ago while silver has advanced 25%.

With such extraordinary volatility in the commodity markets this year, plenty of investors are wondering where hard assets are going next.

Will gold, silver, and other hard assets continue higher into year-end?

Or will bears regain control of these markets and send them to new yearly lows?

For more insight, let’s see what a few whales of Wall Street have to say…

First of all, it should come as no surprise that famous commodity investor Jim Rogers is still bullish on hard assets.  In a recent Reuters interview, Mr. Rogers said:  “I own oil, I own gold, I own things like that if there is going to be a war.”

Of course, he’s talking about the ongoing Syrian civil war, which is quickly escalating into a potentially devastating regional conflict.  As you may know, precious metals markets typically respond well in times of global crisis.  Whenever fearful news hits the headlines, the price of gold and silver start climbing.

But Rogers isn’t the only one jumping on the commodity bandwagon…

Outspoken investor Marc Faber recently told Hard Assets Investor he expects gold to trend much higher in coming years thanks to increasing debt monetization by global central banks.

How high is Mr. Faber suggesting?

According to Dr. Doom, as he’s commonly referred to, gold will “eventually be over $1,921”- the yellow metal’s intra day high set in late 2011.

Finally, let’s see what Peter Schiff has to say…

The Euro Pacific Capital CEO recently told CNBC that gold is “ultimately going a lot higher.”  Troubles with the US Dollar and a looming collapse in the US bond market have Mr. Schiff convinced gold will once again become the ultimate safe haven investment.

While Mr. Schiff failed to give a specific price target, he did say gold would eventually be “in the stratosphere.”

Clearly, these are some rosy projections from highly respected investors!

But whatever you do, don’t follow these experts blindly…

Being a successful commodity investor requires plenty of your own due diligence. Fundamental and technical metrics change quickly in the commodity markets.  If you make a wrong move, you can easily put your portfolio in a troubling situation.

That’s why Commodity Trading Research goes out of its way to provide you the most up to date information on gold and other commodities.  So stay tuned, we’ll help you navigate the complicated world of hard asset investing!

Until Next Time,

Justin Bennett

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