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One key characteristic shared by winning penny stocks is having a great story.  It sounds simple enough.  But truly great stories are hard to come by.  The business must be compelling and have a high probability of success.

Now, we’re not looking for companies with nothing but a pipe dream.  Or those who claim to turn lead into gold… or water into gasoline.

We’re looking for strong stories that highlight the true potential of a business.

One company embodies this thinking perfectly – ERHC Energy (ERHE).

Never heard of them?  I’m not surprised.  Despite the company’s mind boggling profit potential, few investors dig deep enough to uncover a gem like this.

Here’s their story…

It all starts over a decade ago.  Back before the real estate bubble and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Before 9/11, the dot com bubble, and the Y2K bug.  Back when oil prices were a paltry $20 a barrel.

The year was 1997.  ERHC just discovered an opportunity for deepwater oil drilling off the cost of West Africa.  The company entered into an exclusive joint venture with São Tomé & Príncipe, the country with control over the rights to the area.

Unfortunately, like most things in life, nothing goes as smoothly as planned.

Apparently, Nigeria also laid claim to the same areas.  After years of negotiation, the two countries decided to work together.  They formed a Joint Development Zone (JDZ) for the area.

In 2001, ERHC was awarded exploration and production rights in the JDZ.

ERHC’s interest in the area continued to expand.  By 2005, they had secured an economic interest in a number of blocks.  Each block represents a different drilling opportunity.  The company was also actively working with major exploration and production companies to help with exploration.

They’ve identified some of the most promising areas.  And in the next few months, they’ll start drilling exploratory wells.

The potential for ERHC is huge.

Depending on the price of oil and the size of the undersea fields, the oil they discover could be worth BILLIONS.

This kind of news couldn’t be more exciting for the shareholders and the stock.  Every bit of news about the JDZ helps push the stock price higher.  New developments and discoveries, news of partnerships… even the rising price of oil are all helping to propel ERHC’s stock to new levels.

ERHC performance since the beginning of the year is nothing short of amazing…

The stock rallied from 10 cents back in December to more than 70 cents a share… a return of 620%.  It proves when you get behind a penny stock with a great story, the returns can be spectacular.

While doing my research for my Penny Stock Breakouts service, I occasionally happen upon stocks just like this one.  I’d love to include them in that service, but sometimes they just don’t have the volume.

You see, if we sent this trade alert to our 5,000+ Penny Stock Breakouts subscribers, the immediate buying would push the stock through the roof on day 1.  That just wouldn’t be fair to subscribers who were late to the party.

To remedy this, we’re launching a new penny stock trading service called The Penny Speculator.  It’ll focus on tiny stocks, like ERHE, that trade for under a dollar a share.  And because they tend to have lower volume, we’ll be limiting the initial memberships to just 1,000.

That way we can recommend inexpensive, but highly explosive penny stocks, without influencing the market.  We’ve been beta-testing this service for a while and the results look extremely exciting.

We’ll be launching this service to our Dynamic Wealth Report readers before the general public later this week… keep an eye on your email inbox for more details!

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