Penny Stocks 2015 – What I See In The Future

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Penny Stocks In 2015

Take a moment and pause from your crazy daily life. 

If you’re anything like me, you have a “Honey Do” list as long as your arm, there’s always a dozen errands to run, things to clean, kids to pick up, family events to plan… 

And let’s be honest, you really want to sit on the couch and watch football this weekend. 

Here’s the problem.   

You’re always playing catch-up with everything you’re doing… you’re not planning, you’re reacting. 

You’re not visualizing your life and then living it… instead you’re reacting to life and dreaming of a time it will get better. 

I can hear you now… “So what?  What’s that got to do with Penny Stock Trading?” 

To put it simply, trading is often times about seeing the bigger picture.  Stepping back and identifying the bigger trends and latching onto them for all they are worth. 

It’s been like that since the beginning of time. 

Any student of the markets will point you to the tulip mania in the 1600s.  While crazy now to look back on it, it was a major trend in the markets that lasted for years… 

So did the railroads during the 19th and 20th century. 

The automobile trend lasted for years and made many an investor rich… and is still a trend today! 

So did the rise of computers… the internet… and now web 2.0 properties. 

But to identify these trends, you need to pause and take a look at the industry, the markets, and the world at large! 

So what’s next? 

What we see for penny stocks in 2015 

So, what do we see with penny stocks in 2015? 

Well, think about it… what helps and hurts penny stocks will also help and hurt bigger companies. 

A trend is a trend… 

For example, we have some interesting developments in the Oil & Gas market.  We have more supplies coming on line in the US… and we have demand rising from developed countries.  BUT oil prices have been falling… why? 

Because investors think growth rates of the developing countries is slowing right now. 

It’s a temporary issue… but one that impacts prices and businesses none the less. 

So in my mind, Oil and Gas is a great place to be LONG TERM – especially with those able to export to other countries like China and India.  It’s a trend for penny stocks in 2015 we can capitalize on! 

I also see the automotive industry as a growth area. 

Crazy I know… but just look at any of the numbers out of China… They are now buying more cars in CHINA than in the US year after year… and they have hundreds of millions of more people! 

Just something to consider for long term investing in penny stocks in 2015! 

What else… 

The explosion of international technology and internet companies is also a major trend.  Companies like Baidu (BIDU) are pushing open the floodgates for these emerging technology companies. 

Expect more of them to raise money in international markets, and expect them to benefit from the great growth their host countries are experiencing. 

What else? 

Shipping companies – boats, truckers, railroads… these are companies that make money from growing global trade, and in the next few decades, we’re only going to see that head one direction – higher! 

Identifying the right companies with the right financials will be the key to profiting from these penny stocks in 2015! 

How you can identify penny stock trends in 2015 

So, take 5 minutes while you’re mowing the grass this weekend. 

Think about the things impacting your life… 

What are you seeing at home, on the job, in the news… look beyond the day to day hype and try to see the bigger picture.  Think about the hundreds of millions of Chinese and Indians who are climbing the socioeconomic ladder.

Think about the macro impact of everyday events… what they mean, what they cause… and down the road, what it means for our future. 

You’ll be sure to find your own trends that will last beyond 2015 and into the decades ahead! 

Profitably Yours, 

Penny Stock Research

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