My Big Bitcoin Mistake…

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Just over a year ago, I started buying Bitcoin.  

Yes, I went out on a limb and bought some, and a few other digital currencies too.

What was my mistake? 

A friend told me to buy Bitcoin four years earlier.  I thought I was too smart for that… I thought it was a flash in the pan. I thought it was like buying a lottery ticket (and I don’t buy lottery tickets).

Boy, I was wrong.

Bitcoin is officially 11 years old, and this article about its growth is fascinating.  I no longer think Bitcoin’s a fad.  

That said, I also DON’T think it will replace the American Dollar anytime either.

I think Bitcoin is the new age way to store wealth… like buying gold or silver.  Only easier to buy / sell / or trade.

Think about it… gold & silver were once used a currency.  As Fiat money came on the scene, gold and silver didn’t disappear… their role changed!

I think this store of wealth is the future of Bitcoin.

This article is a fascinating read about how bitcoin has grown up over the last decade.

What do you think?

In another 10 years, will Bitcoin be around? Will it still hold its value?  What will happen to other currencies?

Reply to this email and let me know what you think.

John Alexander


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