Massive Market Shift Ahead

| December 13, 2021

Note: The following is an advertorial for Resource Insider…

We’re in the early stage of one of the biggest market shifts in history.

And most investors are completely missing it.

See, for the last decade, the biggest breakthroughs and the biggest profits have come from big tech…but that’s all about to change.  

Bill Gates says, “There will be eight Teslas, 10 Teslas,” that come out of this new megatrend.

And Blackrock CEO Larry Fink says it’s where the next billion-dollar companies will be born. 

I’m talking about the global shift to clean energy.

Trillions are pouring into this new energy revolution.

The U.S. alone has already committed more than $62 billion in the new infrastructure package. And there’s another $555 billion on the table in the proposed $1.75 trillion bill.

And make no mistake…the world’s most powerful governments are all in on this war on fossils fuels and push for clean energy.

But the big winners from this unstoppable megatrend won’t be where most people think…

The next Tesla is NOT going to be another Electric Vehicle company.

Instead, the most exciting opportunities right now can be found in the critical energy assets that will power this revolution.

New Commodities Bull Market

Over 3 billion tons of minerals and metals will be needed to support the global shift to clean energy.

From copper to rebuild our electrical grid and power EVs…

To lithium for millions of new batteries and energy storage…

To exciting new innovations like hydrogen…energy liquids, metals and gases are about to see skyrocketing demand.

According to the International Energy Agency, The total market size of critical minerals like copper, cobalt, manganese, and various rare earth metals grows almost sevenfold between 2020 and 2030… This creates substantial new opportunities for mining companies.”

And unlike currency, governments cannot simply print things like copper, cobalt, hydrogen, lithium and carbon credits.

So demand with demand soaring, we can expect a massive new bull market in certain energy assets.

And this is your chance to get in on the ground floor.

My new special report shows you how. You can read it free here.

3 Ways to Play This

I believe investors with the right exposure to the right commodities right now have a chance to create generational wealth.

And that exposure includes three things:

  • High Impact Metals.

Lithium, silver and graphite are examples “high-impact” elements that are critical for the energy revolution. These minerals are used primarily for energy storage.

And demand for lithium and graphite is expected to be so great that current global production will need to increase by nearly 500% before 2050.

We’ve only just begun the energy transition and lithium prices are already hitting all-time highs.

  • Deep Value Metals.

These are the building blocks of society. They’re necessary for a wide range of energy generation and storage technologies. Copper and nickel are two of the best examples.

According to Gianni Kovacevic, CEO of CopperBank Resources, we will need more copper in the next 20 years than we’ve used in the last 130 years.

  • Future Energy Assets.

Reality check: The world will NOT be powered solely by wind farms and solar panels.

There are too many places on the planet where the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

To transition to clean energy future, we’ll need several key elements Future Energy Assets.

They include green hydrogen, uranium, and carbon credits. They will be the backbone of the new energy infrastructure.

I’ve spent my entire career making money in commodities. And this is where I’m finding some of the most exciting opportunities of my career right now.

New FREE report reveals my top two stocks for the commodities bull market now.

How Insiders are Investing Now

I find, build, and finance the world’s best natural resource and new energy companies.

Along the way, I’ve met some of the wealthiest, most successful investors and entrepreneurs in the resource sector. They all have one thing in common…

Everyone who’s made serious money in this game got into the right deals early and took advantage of major economic swings (like the one now beginning in energy).

It doesn’t matter if it’s gold, copper, oil, or lumber, the story is always the same…

When money flows into the resource sector, smart investors that get into the right deals first can make money. Sometimes a lot of money.

But not by investing in the big, widely-held names in the sector or in ETFs.

The shot at possible 2X-10X returns comes with startup companies.

So if you’d like to know where my research indicates the biggest profits will be made in this new commodities bull market…

Get the names of two stocks that you can buy right now, that I believe stand to benefit immensely from the clean energy revolution.

And to learn more about how to get on board with Future Energy Assets, an asset class that I believe will skyrocket in value, click here for free access to my new special report with all the details.

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