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I have a guy.  His name is John and he is an expert when it comes to taxes.  He is so good he’s discovered IRS employees attending his tax seminars.  His business is consulting with financial planners and attorneys helping work through difficult tax situations.

I have another guy when it comes to major home projects.  David is the most knowledgeable guy I know when it comes to fixing and upgrading homes, specifically multimillion dollar homes.  You don’t call him to fix a leak or a running toilet.  I have other guys for those issues.  You call David when you want to add on a bedroom or remodel your kitchen (or build a multimillion dollar home).

What makes these guys different than all of the others?

Experience.  When you have a problem, or a question that needs answering, you don’t just listen to any old “Joe on the street”.  You don’t want someone that’s just guessing.  No, you want experience and knowledge.  You want the best, the guy who says “Yeah, I’ve seen this before” when no one else has.

Nothing is more important.

Your financial future is a close second, only to your health, when it comes to needing “that guy”.  If you had a medical problem you find the best and brightest doctor to cure your illness.  You should do the same with your financial future.

With money your life isn’t at risk, but what you can do with your life is.

Moves you make now in your portfolio will impact quality of life years from now.  It doesn’t seem like much now, but an extra percent of return or sidestepping a big loss, makes a huge difference in retirement.  It’s the different between traveling the world . . . or watching the world travel on TV.

To greatly improve your odds of investment success, sometimes it makes sense to invest alongside people who know what they’re doing.  There are a number of well known investors who have proven themselves.  They make money in good and bad times.  They have seen the ups and downs and have the experience many others lack.

Would you invest with them?

If you could put your money with a “heavy hitter,” a real professional, would you?  If you could stand next to them and invest in their ideas, would you?  If you got the inside scoop on the very same investments these billionaires are making, would you put your money in too?

Of course you would.  In a heartbeat.  You would grab onto that opportunity with both hands.  So here is the secret; you can.  Let me show you how.  Carl Icahn, the billionaire financier, has made his fortune in the stock market.  It would be hard to argue that he doesn’t know how to make money.

He recently bought a company renamed Icahn Enterprises.  This company is publicly traded under the ticker “IEP”.  That means you can buy this stock and participate in many of the deals that Carl is working on.  The company is a holding company.  That means it owns parts of other businesses.  Like metal processing companies and even real estate developments.

The real beauty.

The best part of IEP is the investment management business.  When Carl Icahn took control of IEP (he owns some 90%), he folded in his money management business.  This is where he manages more than $7.1 billion of capital for various wealthy investors . . . and where Icahn has his own money invested.

There is a famous saying on Wall Street, “past performance is no guarantee of future results.”  A catchy little phrase no doubt thought up by some attorney.  You never have a guarantee that an investment manager will perform.  In my mind, having an expert working for you (like Icahn), someone with experience, certainly improves the odds.

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