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A New Hot Penny Stock To Look At…

Every once in a while I get an itch…

I’ve got to see what penny stocks are moving. Which ones are making new highs… and new lows.

You never know what you’re going to find.

So the other day I went to my favorite penny stock screening website and started looking around.

The first thing I did was kick out any stock over $5. 

I wanted to find cheap penny stocks that are hot right now… and I don’t want to pay $50 a share!

So, after kicking thousands of companies out, I then looked for stocks reaching a new 52-week high.

To be honest, after the small stock market correction we had in October, I didn’t expect any stocks to be reaching new highs… let alone a hot penny stock trading for under $5.

But a stock did come up!

The One Hot Penny Stock Last Week

One… and only one US penny stock came up… and it was a stock hitting a new 52-week high!

Look at this chart.

Radiant Logistics

Since the beginning of the year, the stock has almost doubled in price. And it’s been a strong performer month after month.

Radiant Logistics, Inc. (NYSE RLGT) is a domestic and international logistics services company. It’s simple and straightforward what they do… so why all the excitement?

Consider the headlines of the last four press releases around the stock price jump:

  • Radiant Logistics Announces Further Expansion of Adcom Network With New Operations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Radiant Logistics Announces Further Expansion Of Distribution By Air Network With New Operations In Boston, Massachusetts
  • Radiant Logistics Announces Further Expansion Of Airgroup Network With New Operations In San Diego, California
  • Radiant Logistics Announces Further Expansion Of Distribution By Air Network With New Operations In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Do you see a trend?

I do. Their business is growing. Their customers are growing. So their stock is growing.

It looks like a great little company and one you might want to look at more closely.

How To Analyze Hot Penny Stocks

If you are interested in this company… or any other hot penny stock, before you do anything, you’ve got to do your research.

You’ve got to research the company… you’ve got to look into their business, their financials, their management team.

You know the drill, it’s called due diligence.

Here’s a quick article I wrote on penny stock due diligence… check it out.

Keep your eyes peeled, you never know when a hot penny stock could really change your life!

Profitably Yours,

Penny Stock Research


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