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Cash Flow to Heaven is meant to provide inspiration to those seeking financial freedom. There are a few websites that offer good advice, but many that offer terrible advice. There are no catches -- free and specific strategies and examples to help you become financially free. I strongly believe that good comes to those who do good to others. My goal is not to talk beliefs, but I am convinced in whatever you want to call it: Good Karma, Good Luck, Divine Blessings, or Heavenly Help. Not that I need any more good fortune, my entire intent is to help you become financially free. Financial freedom changes lives. It has changed mine. It will change yours. I promise.

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Don’t Assume You Will Magically Retire…

| September 25, 2017 | 0 Comments
Don’t Assume You Will Magically Retire…

Never assume that you will magically become financially stable. Financial freedom is the result of careful and meticulous planning. Contributing 3-5% to your 401k likely won’t be enough. This is especially true if you start investing late or not knowing what funds you are investing in. Figure out how much you need for retirement and […]

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