4 Stocks That Deserve Your Attention In 2019

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stockWe’ve heard numerous times that the stock market isn’t looking too hot, especially going into 2019. Many top fund managers, investors, and CEOs believe have expressed concerns over the United States slipping into a recession, likely by the end of this year.

What could cause such a downturn and make top money-makers nervous of what’s to come? Well, a lot of them put the fault on political instability in the United States, along with trade negotiations. Their concerns may be legit, but it’s quite hard to predict when a recession will hit accurately.

If this makes you shake in fear a little bit, it’s time to put on your defensive gear and get ready for a year full of uncertainty in the market. One way of doing that is by giving your attention to a few stocks that would love to have you on board in 2019.

Alibaba (BABA)

If you’ve never heard of Alibaba, it’s time to do some Google searching. Think of Alibaba as China’s Amazon. It’s the country’s most popular online marketplace that is slowly expanding into more business ventures, media, and cloud computing. It would make sense to invest in a growing company, especially if it can rival what Amazon has done, right?

There’s been much uncertainty in China as well as the United States. The cellphone and automotive industries, along with popular retailers like Target and Tiffany’s, have noticed a decline in demand since 2017. Many worries of a trade war between the United States and how that could affect the country’s growth as well. Even though Alibaba itself is performing quite well, the economic uncertainty is affecting the shares as they’ve dropped over 30% since June.

Brookfield Renewable Partners LP (NYSE:BEP)

Brookfield Renewable is a Canadian company that focuses on renewable sources of energy. They have themselves a pretty diverse portfolio of hydroelectric plants. Because of their minimal upkeep requirements, and the fact that they bring it around 80% of the company’s funds, they’ve helped put Brookfield Renewable on the map. With these funds, they’ve been able to expand into partnerships with wind and solar energy.

With their long-term successful business plan, power projects in the pipeline, freeing up assets for more investments, along with funds growing around 7% a year since 2012, Brookfield Renewable Partners LP seems like a pretty solid stock worth looking into.

Celgene (CELG)

There’s a good chance you’ll find a medical drug stock somewhere on a list when talking about stocks worth looking at. This time around, it’s Celgene. The company sells drugs that combat against cancer and autoimmune diseases (Revlimid is their best seller). Celgene is confident that they’ll be able to boost their sales with rates into the teens, all the way through 2021. That’s promising news.

In 2017, Celgene took a few embarrassing hits to their stock as they pulled out of two Crohn’s disease studies that they fronted over $700 million for, and saw a weak performance in one of their popular drugs. However, they are gearing up for launching new products this year and 2020. With that type of buzz, now is a good time to invest in the company.

Computer Programs and Systems (CPSI)

Our last stock to mention is the Alabama-based company, Computer Programs and Systems. It provides hospitals with software to help with their electronic health records to keep everything accurate and compliant. The company is within a niche that has tons of growth potential.

CPS has shown to have high growth potential with strong earnings outlook. It’s a micro-cap company with a market value of about $373 million. There seems to be a decent amount of momentum with this company, making it a stock worth watching.

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