2020 Investment Opportunities You Won’t Want To Miss

investmentThe economy in 2020 may be experiencing something of a rough start – to put it mildly. However, wise investors know that the current pandemic downturn is just the launching point for new profits. And, if you invest in the right companies, commodities, and assets, it’s possible to seriously benefit from the current state of the stock market.

While no investment is a surefire success, in this post we’ll talk about some options that have a good chance of generating profitable returns for investors. So, what companies should you look at in 2020? Here are a few of the most enticing options.


Yep, you read that right. Airlines might actually be one of the savviest investments you could possibly make right now. Why’s that? Think about it. Sure, right now investors are bleeding money as fewer people take to the sky for travel abroad. However, our world is still more connected than ever, and once the pandemic is over…

With many shares reaching all-time-low price points, now is an excellent time to pick up bundles of cheap stock, then ride out the recession until prices start increasing dramatically once the pandemic is over. Fool proof? Not exactly. Worth a try? Very possibly.

Self-Care Products

With millions of people stuck inside, stressed out of their minds about the future of their health, the public health, and the global economy, self-care is seeing a massive boom. Self-care products run a wide range, from yoga mats and running shoes to massage chairs and CBD products. CBD in particular is set to see a huge boom, as more and more states legalize cannabis sale and production.

Companies that make other self-care products, like essential oils and herbal teas, are also a wise sector to keep an eye on.

Video Conference Companies

This one is a no-brainer. With everyone stuck at home for the first part of the year, and in all likelihood working from home for most of the year anyway, video conference tech is set to keep on growing, with many new companies tapping into the burgeoning market.

What’s more? Some sources speculate that people will become so accustomed to working from home, many will refuse to return to commuting to the office.

That means that not only are video call companies seeing a current boom, they’re likely to see even more continued growth as time goes on. Definitely something to consider as you game out your Q2 2020 portfolio.

Suburban Real Estate

This one is a bit of a gamble, but there’s some good logic behind it. Right now, big cities like New York, Seattle, and Milan have been the hardest hit by the coronavirus. That may make many would-be city dwellers nervous about living in dense communities in the future, making the large plots of suburban real estate look a bit more enticing. This isn’t certain, and so far nobody knows for certain what will happen with the housing market after the pandemic is done, but it’s a sector that’s worth a serious look.

Green-Focused Car Companies

Fuel prices are currently tanking as global business slows, air travel plummets, and supply chains thin out. That means there’s currently a huge investment opportunity for car manufacturers specializing in electric and hybrid cars. With fuel looking like an uncertain investment, many will look to the next most likely candidate for fueling global transportation.

This one may take some time to wait out, as with cheaper gas prices, plenty of consumers will feel comfortable springing for that gas-guzzling SUV. However, in the long run, the shock to the oil market may prove to be a success for savvy green investors.

Streaming Services

People bored at home are doing their best to pass the time with streaming services, and many of these have already seen massive growth in viewership over the last month and a half. In fact, many movies set to be released in theaters are instead being released online. It’s possible that once the pandemic is over, consumers will have lost interest in heading into crowded theaters. This is definitely an investment opportunity to watch.

Plant Protein

Lastly, meat products were the likely cause of the pandemic, and though the US doesn’t have wet markets, factory farms are just as likely to produce the next plague. That means demand for meat will likely seriously decrease, as people begin to realize the public health risks of mass animal consumption.

Good luck in 2020, investors!

Note: This article originally appeared at MoneyMiniBlog.


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