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Last weekend I was sitting on my couch, flipping through a magazine.  I noticed an advertisement for a doctor’s office… for some reason it really caught my eye.  The top of the ad is a Norman Rockwell picture drawn for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.

It’s called the “Tattoo Artist”.

I laughed out loud at the picture.  A sailor is getting his girlfriend’s name tattooed on his arm.  The funny part was the series of ex-girlfriends names right above… Sadie, Rosietta, Ming Fu, Mimi, Olga, Sing Le.  Each name had a line right through the middle of it… like he’s crossing them off a list.

Betty, the new girlfriend, is 7th.  This guy has some major commitment issues.

Many new investors follow the same kind of dedication to an investment strategy.

They read about the latest hot investment strategy and decide it’s for them.  They jump in with both feet and rework their entire investment portfolio.

A few months, or maybe a year later, they change their mind.

Maybe they’re not in the hottest part of the market anymore… maybe CNBC has cut back coverage of their industry.  Maybe the investment strategy is boring… or trades too much.  It’s possible their favorite TV personality has stopped yelling about this investment strategy.

New investors often feel the overwhelming need to change.

Like the sailor I described above, our new investor crosses one strategy off his list and goes looking for something new.  The process continues over and over again.  The best result… our new investor has a long list of investment strategies that didn’t seem to work for him.  Worst case, he loses most – if not all – of his money and has no idea why.

It’s a scary position to be in.

Sticking with a particular investment strategy is very important.  You can be a rapid fire day trader, a technical trader, a long term buy and hold investor, or a trader of options.  You can trade currencies, commodities, or invest in blue chips or penny stocks.

Your strategy could even be to follow a few different strategies.  It doesn’t matter what your strategy is, you just need to stick with it.  You need to give it time.

Our editors at The Dynamic Wealth Report all stick to a particular strategy… and we can attribute a good deal of our success to this consistency.  In 2010, we’re going to continue focusing on our areas of expertise and providing you with the information and market commentary you need.

We’re not looking to spit the news back at you… anybody can do that.

We’re going to tell you what’s happening in the markets.  Then we’re going to explain what you can do to make money from it.

We’re fortunate to have an office full of incredibly intelligent and market savvy editors… each of which you’ll hear from throughout the week.

As the Managing Editor of The Dynamic Wealth Report, I get to see the various projects each editor is working on… trust me, 2010 looks to be an exciting year.

My focus is on individual stocks, economic data, commodities, and currencies.  As a former investment banker, I take a critical look at the markets and identify ways to trade off of recent market news and investor sentiment.

I’m always looking for an angle and it’s often found in some of the strangest places.  You’ll be one of the first to hear about any new ideas I have or interesting research I’ve uncovered.

In 2010, you’ll also hear from Justin Bennett.  Justin’s an expert on technical trading and his specialty is reading the charts.  He’s great at cutting through all the technical jargon and explaining an incredibly complex subject in an easy to understand way.

Technical trading has been around for hundreds of years… however, in just the last 20 years or so it has really found a home on “Wall Street”.  Now we’re seeing technical trading go mainstream.  Justin will provide guidance, teach you the nuances of reading charts, and show you real-time technical set-ups you can trade.

More importantly, Justin will be explaining how to profit from these set-ups.

Corey Williams is our resident ETF guru.  ETFs are a relatively new area of investing.  The growth of ETFs is amazing… It’s one of the fastest growing parts of the investing world.  Lucky for us, Corey’s been studying and trading ETFs for years.

He’s able to dig down and explain the differences between seemingly similar looking investments.  Most importantly, he can help everyone understand the difference between one strategy and the next.  2010 holds a number of big changes in the ETF industry.

Nobody’s better positioned to tell you what’s important to your portfolio… and what’s not.

Robert Morris is our most seasoned contributor to The Dynamic Wealth Report.  You’ve been hearing from him for more than a year now.  He touches on a variety of topics, but his specialty is penny stocks.  He’s done an incredible job studying the market and finding mis-valued companies that are poised to jump in value.

Expect to hear from Robert about the many penny stocks he investigates.

Robert has also spent a great deal of time studying and investing in Biotech stocks.  He’s honed an exciting investment strategy and really focused on identifying big winners.  You’ll see his new Biotech Supertrader service launch later this week.

The entire team working on The Dynamic Wealth Report is focused on delivering advanced strategies for investing in stocks, ETFs, options, commodities, currencies, and real estate.  We’re not just regurgitating the news, we’re delivering concrete investment ideas you can profitably trade.  Throughout 2010, you’ll get hundreds of investment ideas, unique market research, and much, much more.

2010 is going to be quite a ride… so hang onto your hat!

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