The US Military Is Making A Big Move…

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Is alternative energy a pie in the sky idea?

A lot of people believe solar, wind, and biofuels will remain a “just around the corner” idea… one that will never actually come to fruition.

Many investors say renewable energy sources are a waste of time.  I often hear, “It doesn’t produce enough energy to make a big difference.”

Now, it’s true that oil and gas are “denser” energy sources.  Currently, they pack more energy ‘punch’ than renewable sources.

But things are quickly starting to change…

Renewable energy is starting to make big waves in the energy industry.  The technology is advancing by leaps and bounds.  Companies are making solar and wind much more practical.  Scientists are on the cutting edge of energy technology… and making breakthroughs.

In fact, the alternative energy revolution is happening right now.

But it’s not just advancements in technology making widespread acceptance of renewable energy possible.

Fossil fuels are starting to become a liability…

Volatile prices and dependence on unstable regions have many questioning our dependence on fossil fuels.

Just listen to what the U.S. Military has to say…

A recent report shows the military is already decreasing its dependence on fossil fuels.  What’s going to take its place?  You guessed it… renewable energy.

According to a recent New York Times article, solar technology is making its way into the battlefield in a big way.  Soldiers are entering the combat zone with advanced power devices like portable solar panels, solar tent shields, and other solar equipment.  Technology that troops a few short years ago could only dream about.

Why the alternative energy focus for the military?

Currently, the military has to haul in generators to power forward bases in the combat zone.  And of course, the generators need fuel.  But the cost of getting fuel to these remote locations is astronomical ($400 a gallon in some cases)… and dangerous.

Recent attacks on fuel convoys in Afghanistan prove one thing- change is needed… and quickly.

By using renewable energy, like solar, the need to haul in generators and expensive fuel is diminished.  Clearly, alternative energy is changing the way the military operates.

But the changes don’t stop there…

Ray Mabus, the Secretary of the Navy, wants 50% of energy the Navy uses to come from renewables by 2020.  This is not only energy for cars, trucks, and ships… but for entire bases as well.

And alternative energy is making its way into other military operations…

The Air Force will have it’s entire fleet capable of running on biofuels by 2011!

This is an amazing development.  To me, it means the military sees a risk in relying on fossil fuels.  Otherwise, why would they be making such a big switch?

This type of industry changing news makes owning a handful of alternative energy stocks important for every investor.

Now don’t go crazy.  But given the long term potential, grabbing a few companies looks like a smart idea to me.

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