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We’re all in the midst of a holiday shopping frenzy.  Christmas Day is only five days away and I still have a few key gifts to pick up.  I might need to sneak away at lunch time to pick up some final items.

I’ve been in the holiday spirit for quite a while now.

The house was decorated just after Thanksgiving and the music of choice is Christmas tunes!  Friends and family are all around, and good food and drink is everywhere.  My waistline seems to grow by the minute!  The holidays are a wonderful time.

While I was going through my Christmas list – and checking it twice – I realized part of my list was dedicated to family members some people might forget.

Who am I talking about?

Your pets of course.  Moose, Sadie, and Colt, our three dogs, provide us with endless hours of love and devotion.  There’s nothing that warms your heart like a dog running and playing.  Their tails wagging and face smiling… they bring huge amounts of joy to your life.

I know they bring endless joy to mine.

Whether it’s playing fetch in the back yard, playing tug-of-war with a new rope toy, or watching the dogs and the horses check each other out… dogs provide an immense sense of pleasure and companionship.

But sometimes they’re overlooked as a member of the family.

While many dogs have a great home, there are many more that are beaten, abused, and neglected.  I’m not going to get all sappy on you… it’s just a fact of life… and it’s sad.

In today’s tough economic climate, more and more people are struggling to keep their head above water.  And that often means the family pet gets overlooked and left behind.  I’ve heard stories of pets being abandoned in the desert or simply dropped off in a random neighborhood.

Others are simply left alone in a foreclosed house as the owner moves out.

Can you imagine being abandoned by your family like that?

Its gut wrenching.  Many of these pets simply need a loving home.  And hundreds of animals find their way every day to rescue organizations all over the United States.

I can’t personally rescue every dog out there.  But I do try to do my part to help out.

Just a few weeks ago, Linda and I participated in a fund raiser for the Arizona Animal Welfare League.   It was a dog walk for charity.

The group we walked with managed to raise several hundred dollars for this no-kill animal shelter.  While the walk and fundraiser was a big success… it still isn’t enough.

Every day, this organization and hundreds just like it all over the US struggle to save abandoned and neglected animals (dogs, cats, horses, and the occasional reptile).  Rescue organizations need help in lots of little… and big ways.

One way to help is by adopting a pet.

If you have the time and space, and room in your heart… consider adopting an older pet from a local shelter.  The last three dogs I’ve owned either came from other owners or were rescued from the dog pound.  I adopted Daisy the day she was scheduled to be put to sleep.

Trust me, it’s a great feeling to know you’ve provided a good home for a loving animal.

Now, not everyone is cut out for owning an animal.  Don’t despair, you can still help out.  Rescue shelters are always looking for volunteers or donations.

This year I’ve made a donation to the Arizona Animal Welfare League… the link to the website is  Every dollar you give helps save another animal.  I encourage you to give… and give generously.

Now remember, I don’t get anything for doing this.

I don’t get a cut of the donations… I don’t work for the organization.  I’ve simply heard so many good stories about what this group does, I want to help them financially.

I’m supporting them with my time and effort… and money.  And I hope you can do the same.

If you feel moved by the holiday spirit, I encourage you to click this link – – and find the donation button.  Give a little or give a lot. Every penny helps save the lives of animals throughout Arizona.

If you don’t want to donate to an Arizona shelter, then I encourage you to find a local shelter near you.  Do what you can.  Buy them a bag of dog or cat food.  Donate your time.  Help find loving homes for animals. Or give financial support.

Remember, this is what the holiday spirit is all about…


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