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| June 4, 2024
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Does generating passive income on some of the world’s greatest assets sound appealing? I’m excited to share a game-changing concept revolutionizing the investment world: fractional investing.

Imagine owning a piece of a cash-flowing rental property in a hot in, demand city, a vacation home in the mountains generating rentals, or even a share of a private, cash-flowing company – all without the hassle of active management.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not!

What is Fractional Investing?

Fractional investing is like splitting a delicious pie. Instead of buying the whole pie, you own a slice, and the ownership is divided among multiple investors. This opens up possibilities, allowing you to diversify your portfolio across various assets, even with a small budget.

Why Fractional Investing is a Game-Changer

  1. Accessibility: Fractional investing democratizes access to high-value assets once reserved for the wealthy. Now, anyone can own a piece of real estate, collectibles, or even artwork.
  2. Diversification: By investing in multiple assets, you spread your risk and create a more stable investment portfolio.
  3. Passive Income: Many fractional investments generate regular cash flow, providing a steady stream of passive income.

Real-World Examples of Fractional Investing

Investment TypeDescription
Real EstateOwn a share of a rental property and receive rental income – sometimes even DAILY.
Vacation HomesThese homes can often yield higher than a single-family rental home, but they come with many headaches. Unless you do it the new way – 100% passive.
StocksInvest in high-growth companies like Apple or Tesla and potentially earn monthly income – using new cash-flowing options strategies (without the usual learning curve typically required).
CollectiblesOwn a piece of rare baseball cards, comic books, or coins.
ArtInvest in valuable artwork and benefit from its appreciation.

We prefer fractional investments that generate regular income, avoiding purely speculative investments.

One of the best ways to learn what is possible is by diving into one such platform and opportunity within the world of rental homes (and sometimes commercial property)  

Introducing Lofty.ai: Your Gateway to Fractional Real Estate

Lofty.ai is a platform that specializes in fractional ownership of rental properties. Here’s why it’s a great place to start your fractional investing journey:

  • Low Minimum Investment: You can start with as little as $50.
  • Daily Rental Income: Lofty pays out rental income daily, allowing you to see your investment grow in real time.
  • Secondary Marketplace: You can buy and sell your shares on Lofty’s secondary marketplace, providing liquidity and flexibility.
  • World-Class Education: Lofty provides detailed information about each property, including financial performance, property management, and market analysis.
  • Passive Investing:  You’ll never be called on to find a tenant, fix a toilet or leaky sink, or collect the rent.  All of this is outsourced to professionals.

How to Get Started with Lofty.ai

  1. Visit the Lofty marketplace and browse available properties.
  2. Choose a property that aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance.
  3. Buy a token (share) of the property.
  4. Start earning rental income the next day!

Important Considerations

  • Risk: All investments carry risk, and fractional investing is no exception. Do your research and understand the risks involved before investing.
  • Fees: Lofty charges fees for buying and selling shares and for property management.
  • Due Diligence: Carefully evaluate each property before investing, considering factors such as location, property condition, and tenant history.

Remember that properties start at $50 per “share” or token. However, not every property holds its value:

The challenge is choosing suitable properties that have a balance of positive cash flow but also an appreciating asset:

The big question is can we ensure that our fractional investment holds its value, appreciates over time, and generates steady passive cash flow?

Next Steps

Fractional investing is a powerful tool to help you build wealth and generate passive income. With platforms like Lofty.ai, it’s easier than ever to get started.

The challenge, though, is selecting the right property from the hundreds available. Discover other platforms that better match your ultimate goals. Lofty is the tip of the iceberg, and we have other platforms that might match your goals closer.  

We’re holding a live training webinar to review the opportunities in fractional investing and how we can help you set up multiple passive income revenue streams and evaluate these to increase your odds of success. Jump in here!

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