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Hi! I’m a guy that believes in frugality and saving money. Unfortunately, I wasn’t always this way! Saving for your future and rainy day savings is SO IMPORTANT. We will learn, save, and invest together! Due to the bad decisions I’ve made throughout my life, I’ve learned the hard way. But with that being said….I HAVE LEARNED A TON and I’m going to share it all with YOU. We are all constantly learning and I look forward to sharing with you and assisting you in your financial journey!

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The Magic Of Compound Interest

| August 28, 2017 | 0 Comments
The Magic Of Compound Interest

The magic of COMPOUND INTEREST will literally change your life. I’m not talking about a measly low interest savings account offered by banks and credit unions either! For the most part, the typical savings account can’t even keep up with inflation and will actually lose money if left there long enough! Although they do serve the purpose […]

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