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Jason Butler created The Butler Journal for a few reasons: To document my debt reduction journey. I want y’all to go through this journey with me. To talk about travel. I love to travel. It is my anti-drug. I’ve been able to visit wonderful cities without going broke. You can too. To share different side hustles that people can use that will help them make extra money. (http://thebutlerjournal.com/)

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5 Easy Ways To Stay Out Of Debt

| August 23, 2017 | 0 Comments
5 Easy Ways To Stay Out Of Debt

The amount of debt that the US has is over 16 trillion dollars. That amount is ridiculously high. As I previously posted I have some debt that I am working on paying off. In the next few months, I will go into overdrive and work even harder to pay it off. I know that I’ll […]

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