Apple’s Stock Continues To Rise – Due To iPod and iPhone

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I love this time of year.

The weather in the southwest could not be more comfortable.  The heat of the summer has passed and the environment both during the day and at night becomes very comfortable.

With daily temperatures in the 80s and evening temps in the 50s I enjoy my morning coffee out on the back patio watching the sun rise.  With the windows in my office open I can enjoy the day.  Dinner is cooked on the grill in the backyard, toasting to a day's hard work.  As the evening sun sets, I prep to start my evening workout.

The joy of the desert is that the temperatures cool down very quickly in the evening, making it perfect weather wise for a quick jog around the neighborhood.  Interestingly my partaking of this nightly adventure has only been reinforced by my recent commitment to join my sister-in-law in a half-marathon torture run in January.  So the ritual begins every day with my workout clothes on, my shoe laces tied, and the earpieces on my iPod in.

When I started training for this half marathon, several people mentioned the Nike and IPod partnership.  Apple, the creator of the iPod developed a simple little device that you put into your shoe and it communicates with your iPod, tracking how far you run and at what pace.  This cool little device allows you to upload the data to the Nike website to track your runs, compete against others, and set goals to encourage your running.

Ever since Steve Jobs resumed control of Apple, innovation has run rampant at the company.  Today they announced their earnings which were nothing short of spectacular.  Their fourth quarter profits increased 67 percent – showing that its three main consumer products, the Mac computer, the iPod and the iPhone were all contributing to the success of the business.  This success blew away all analyst estimates and the stock is sure to run tomorrow.

The funny part about this is everyone knew the iPod was a success, look at everyone using them. The iPhone created such a splash a few months ago when it was released news stories abounded with information on the demand for them.  All of these people, myself included, could have seen this business trend and made money from it by buying Apple stock.

Here is the interesting thing though, despite the anticipated run-up in Apple’s stock, their products are still in high demand.  Apple keeps making money.  I don’t think it is too late to buy apple stock and participate in more of the upside yet to come. Don’t forget that Christmas is right around the corner, and anyone who doesn’t already own an iPod will certainly be asking for one.


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