A New Way To Play The Commodity Market!

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Natural Resource Stocks: Another Great Way To Play The Commodity Market!

Subscribers to my premier commodity ETF investing service, the Commodity ETF Alert, received a nice surprise last week.

It was an important announcement that will change the face of the service forever…

For the first time in the history of the Commodity ETF Alert, we’ve expanded our coverage universe to natural resource producing companies! 

Instead of limiting our coverage to carefully selected commodity ETFs like we’ve done in the past, we’ll also be recommending high profit potential natural resource companies.

It could be a large-cap oil producer that’s trading at a deep value, or a small-cap gold miner with huge profit potential- any company that produces a commodity is now fair game for Commodity ETF Alert subscribers!

Why make such a change?

As you may know, the Commodity ETF Alert has been around for years, providing subscribers with top-notch research on the commodity markets.

Each month we recommend a commodity, along with an associated commodity ETF, that has promising profit potential.

Over the years, we racked up some rather hefty commodity gains. For example, the iPath Copper ETN $JJC gave us gains of 56% in 2009. The iShares Silver Trust $SLV ran to a 48% gain later that same year.

And let’s not forget about the iPath Pure Beta Coffee $CAFE, which gave us a 45% gain in early 2014.

I won’t rehash all of our subscribers’ wins here.   But let me assure you, there have been plenty of commodity profit opportunities over the past few years.

But lately things have changed…

Let’s face it. Overall commodity performance has been pretty lousy for quite some time now. With global growth concerns front and center, and a surging US Dollar weighing heavy, most hard assets have been under bearish pressure for the better part of the past year.

As a result, it has grown a bit challenging to find commodities with substantial bullish profit potential.

Now let me be clear…

I don’t expect this bearish trend to last forever. 

At some point, bulls will return to the commodity space en masse.

But until that date arrives, we’re switching gears…

By adding natural resource companies to our coverage universe, we can drastically improve the Commodity ETF Alert profit potential.

Let’s look at an example. Despite crude only being up a paltry 0.9% in 2015, oil producers like PDC Energy $PDCE, Matador Resources $MTDR, and Newfield Exploration $NFX are up a healthy 23%, 30%, and 33% respectively.

Not bad considering the commodity they produce is going nowhere fast!

You’ll find similar performance in the gold mining industry…

Even with gold trading slightly in the red in 2015, miners like Newmont $NEM and Agnico Eagle $AEM are up 32% and 20% year-to-date.

Clearly, there are natural resource companies that are not only outperforming the commodity they produce, but the S&P500 as well!

It really is a no brainer.

If there’s an opportunity to profit from a natural resource producing company, why not take it?

With commodity performance the way it is, my publisher and I are making a simple adjustment that will drastically improve your odds of catching big winners in the Commodity ETF Alert!

If you’d like to join us in our quest for profits in commodity ETFs AND natural resource companies, click here. [internal link: CEA salesletter]

I hope to hear from you soon!

Until Next Time,

Justin Bennett

Commodity Trading Research

BIO: Justin Bennett is the head commodity research analyst at Commoditytradingresearch.com. With over a decade of real world trading experience, he finds ways for you to consistently profit from movements in commodities and the companies producing them. Sign up for our free reports and commodity newsletter at http://commoditytradingresearch.com/free-sign-up.

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