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Discover The Best Dividend Stocks For Your Retirement!

Listen up. I don’t care if you’re a brand new investor, or one well into retirement. You must understand the dynamics around investing in dividend stocks.

If you don’t understand dividend stocks and the great investment yields they provide… then you’re MISSING OUT on one of the greatest investment strategies out there.

Dividend stocks are one of the best ways to supplement your income… BEFORE and AFTER retirement. Click here to read more about the best dividend stocks for retirement.


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3 Huge Monthly Dividends Set To Soar (One Yields An Incredible 7.6%)

When it comes right down to it, we dividend investors really only need three things:

  • Bargain stocks with …
  • High current yields and ideally …
  • Monthly payouts—so we can line up our income with our bills and reinvest our dividend cash without having to wait for three long months.

I know—this list is cute, but it sounds wildly out of step with the times. Click here to read more.

The Simplest, Safest Way To Earn 14.6% Per Year From Stocks

Let’s chat about making some real money in stocks. I’m talking about 14.6% returns per year, every single year.

I know, my 14.6% annual number sounds pedestrian in a world where peddlers are hawking virtual (pretend?) coins with pups on the cover. But my returns are real—and spectacular for investors who are patient. Click here to read more.

A 3-Fund Portfolio for 10% Dividends

This “stocks-up, yields-down” market is clobbering income investors. With stock prices floating higher, yields are crumbling to dust: with the 1.3% payout on the typical S&P 500 stock—a 20-year low—you’d need to invest $2.2 million to get just $2,500 a month in dividends!

(And let’s not forget that the typical S&P 500 stock pays dividends quarterly, not monthly, so your lame income stream would also be pretty lumpy!)… Click here to read more.