April 2017 Stock Idea

This is a private message for everyone on the Hyperion Financial Text Message list.

I told you I was making a personal trade soon… this is my thinking.

I'm really liking the depressed prices in the oil field these days. Stocks are down across the board (just look at a 3 or 5 year chart).

Yet oil prices are hovering around $50 a barrel.

I think the strong economy is going to drive growth… and that will drive oil consumption… and that will push oil prices higher.

My favorite idea right now is BP… yep BP.

They have a $34 stock price right now… a $114 Billion market cap… and best of all they pay a nearly 7% dividend.

Might the dividend get cut… maybe, but the company has over $23 Billion in cash… so I'm not too worried.

I'm planning on picking up some shares in the next few days… do your own research, then if you like the idea add some to your portfolio.