Justin Bennett, Commodity Expert

Justin BennettJustin Bennett is the editor of Commodity ETF Alert, an investment advisory focused on profiting from the ebb and flow of important commodities via ETFs.

As he often likes to say…

“Thanks to numerous factors, including rampant central bank money printing and resource depletion, exposure to commodities is a must for every balanced portfolio.”

Using his proprietary technical and fundamental analysis method, Justin assists investors in buying commodities with the most profit potential at just the right time.

And that’s not all…

The commodity veteran and options specialist is also a regular contributor to the Dynamic Wealth Report.  Every week, Justin shares his thoughts with our readers on a variety of commodity-related topics.

He even offers up specific commodity trading ideas and helps readers navigate the often complicated world of hard asset investing.

While partnering with Dynamic Wealth Report, Justin is also a successful independent trader.  He has studied under some of the brightest minds in trading including Van Tharp, Chuck Lebeau, and DR Barton.  He’s also worked with a highly respected proprietary trading organization as an independently contracted trader.

What’s more, Justin’s background lends itself perfectly to commodity trading.

You see, Justin was raised on a large Montana cattle ranch.  For nearly two decades, he was in the field learning the ins and outs of the cattle market. This experience gives him a unique, first-hand understanding of commodity markets in general, something that other investors just don’t have!

Justin is also a frequent contributor to Commodity Trading Research’s free daily e-letter.  And he’s the editor of another highly successful and popular investment advisory, the Options Profit Pipeline.


Gordon Lewis, Options Strategist

Gordon Lewis

Gordon Lewis is the Chief Investment Strategist and editor for the popular daily newsletter – Options Trading Research.  He’s also one of the key analysts behind the highly successful Options Trading Wire.

Gordon’s famous for his quips on the market, and he likes to remind his readers, “Options are an important tool to hedge your portfolio, AND an exciting and important way to make tons of money regardless of which way the stock market heads!”

As a market maker on the floor of the CBOE, Gordon analyzed and traded stocks and options across a broad range of market caps and industries including retail, internet, oil, insurance, and telecom.  He often traded thousands of options contracts per month… and it’s fair to say, Gordon’s analyzed and invested in some of the most complex and successful options strategies in the world.

It was during his time on the exchange that he discovered the secrets of profitable trading from the top floor traders in the country.

This market veteran is the lead editor of Options Trading Research, a market leading free newsletter where Gordon regulary shares his tips, tricks, and inside knowedge on options trading.

Some of Gordon’s option trade ideas have made readers thousands of dollars.  Gordon is also editor of the Advanced Options Adviser an exciting theme based options trading service.  He’s managed to string together quite a run of winners!

Before joining Options Trading Research, Gordon was a floor broker on the CBOE, and he was a senior analyst at a multi-million dollar hedge fund.

Gordon graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Economics and has an MBA from Arizona State University. He now lives in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife and two children.


Corey Williams, ETF Strategist

Corey WilliamsCorey Williams is the editor of Sector ETF Trader, an investment advisory service focused on profiting from ETFs and the economic cycle.  Under Corey’s leadership, the Sector ETF Trader has become one of the most popular and successful ETF advisories around.

He really knows how to break down complex analysis into plain English that just about anyone can follow.

Corey says…

“Billions of dollars are flowing into ETFs every day, and professional investors are using advanced trading strategies to profit from market fluctuations… now it’s our turn to profit!”

He’s constantly reading books, research reports, economic papers, investor presentations, and just about anything and everything related to the financial markets.  It’s this massive consumption of information that allows him to analyze a company or sector to determine its likely future direction.

Using proprietary trading strategies, this gives readers the opportunity to capture consistent profits.

In addition to his groundbreaking service, Corey is the lead contributor to ETF Trading Research, where he shares his insights about ETFs and financial markets on a daily basis. He’s also a regular contributor to the Dynamic Wealth Report and the editor of one the hottest option trading services around – Elite Option Trader.

Before becoming one of the most beloved financial journalists in the world, Corey was a former banking executive.


Michael Jennings, Dividend Stock Specialist

Michael Jennings

Michael Jennings is one of those guys whose been following the markets almost from the day that he was born!

Intrigued by the market from an early age, Michael has spent nearly his entire life learning and fine tuning his investment knowledge.

Drawn particularly to investments that kick off income, Michael became enamored with dividend stocks in the early nineties.

Since then, he has devoted much of his time and energy to discovering why some dividend stocks make better investments than others.

And he shares this keen insight in his Dividend Stock Research newsletter– one of the few of it’s kind that’s devoted almost entirely to dividend stocks and and income-producing investments.


Jay Chernoff, Penny Stock Specialist

Jay Chernoff is the editor of the popular Penny Stock Breakouts newsletter as well as the very successful penny stock service, The Penny Speculator.

Jay’s worked over 15 years in finance.  Prior to joining Hyperion Financial Group, he worked on Wall Street with major investment firms, spent time at a boutique trading firm, and worked as a management and small business consultant.  All in all, Jay’s seen the dynamics of the equities market and small business management first hand.

With his extensive financial and consulting experience, Jay is an expert at identifying penny stocks and small company opportunities most investors aren’t aware of.  He specializes in finding small, undervalued firms with huge upside potential.


Karl Stevenson, Currency Expert

Karl Stevenson shares his unique perspective of the markets and investments gleaned from working closely with investment heavyweights in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Very few investment writers or researchers have been “in the thick of things” like Karl has.

With over a decade of trading experience, Karl has become an expert in the ever-changing currency markets.  His keen understanding of economics gives him an edge when determining which currencies are about to move up or down against one another.

As such, Karl provides currency and forex insight that greatly benefits investors the world over.

Karl also contributes to one of the most popular investment letters in the world, the Dynamic Wealth Report.


Robert Morris, Special Situations Guru

Robert Morris

Robert Morris is co-editor of Penny Stock All-Stars, an investment advisory focused on discovering small-cap and micro-cap stocks that are destined to become the market’s next Blue Chips.

As he often likes to say…

“A small, fundamentally sound company with big growth potential and an undervalued stock price is where fortunes are made.”

Using his proprietary stock selection method, Robert and the team help investors get the inside track on tiny companies with potential to become the next Apple, Exxon Mobil, or Johnson & Johnson… just to name a few.

But that’s not all…

The Wall Street veteran and small-cap stock specialist is also a regular contributor to Penny Stock Research. Every week, Robert shares his thoughts with our readers on a variety of penny stock-related topics.

He even offers up specific penny stock trading ideas and helps readers steer clear of penny stock scams.

Before partnering with Penny Stock Research, Robert worked for several prestigious Wall Street firms, including Salomon Smith Barney, UBS, and Charles Schwab. During his years on the Street, he developed the skills and experience he uses today to uncover winning penny stocks.

And what’s more, Robert’s background is not limited to just the financial services industry.

In his prior life, Robert was an attorney for small businesses in Scottsdale, Arizona. This experience provides him with a unique perspective that gives him an edge in discovering quality companies in various industries.

In addition to Penny Stock Research, Robert also has contributed frequently to two other free financial e-letters, ETF Trading Research and the Dynamic Wealth Report.